Michael Garth Moore

Mr. Moore has been recognized as one of the top labor and employment lawyers in the country, and he started Vision HR Solutions to bring that expertise to help small businesses across the United States.

After 30 years in a litigation practice centered in Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Moore wanted to help small businesses and independent medical practices that cannot easily afford the costs of powerful, effective law firms.

With Mr. Moore's background, Vision HR Solutions now specializes in creating personalized human resources materials for the medical industry, as well as providing HR counsel for implementing new policies or procedures.

Jane Coppola

Lead Coordinator
Ms. Coppola has worked for private and publicly-traded companies in various roles, including contract administration, facilities planning and association management.

Her knowledge of human resources, as well as her personal experience in the field, is exactly the type of individual that can help you with any HR concerns; that's why Vision HR Solutions is glad that she's committed to helping small businesses thrive with cost-effective HR solutions.

Ms. Coppola earned her degree at the University of Arizona, then obtained her post-degree certificate as a paralegal and has worked in the legal field for several years.

Lorri Boffo

V.P. Sales and Marketing
Lorri Boffo has spent more than 15 years working as a corporate trainer and a salesperson, but her biggest strength has been in operations management.
For nearly 10 years, Ms. Boffo has worked toward operational excellence in the dental industry, including long-term planning, financial management, human resources and controls.
Before coming to Vision HR Solutions, she was a consultant and a regional director for the Aveda Corporation (a subsidiary of Estée Lauder).
Ms. Boffo pursued a degree in communications at The Ohio State University and proudly supports the Buckeyes.