Our office has only a handful of employees. Why do we need an employee relations policy?

Hopefully, your practice will grow within the next few years. But, if policies and procedures are not in place now, then you could be at risk in the future.

A customized employee handbook protects you from a lawsuit and it prevents misunderstandings that can cause good employees to leave. A policy also makes employees much more confident in their positions; research has shown that clear and transparent policies result in happier and more productive employees.

No one here is an expert in employment relations. How will we know what to do?

The policies and procedures are self-explanatory. When you order the customized employee handbook, we will go over the policies with you and adjust them to fit your needs.

Unless you are hiring or firing an employee, there is little additional work that needs to be done. And, if you should have an internal complaint, you have the confidence of the step-by-step procedure that the employee and you can follow.

Our materials are written precisely for those who are not HR professionals, and we will also supply additional forms to maintain proper records. Best of all, purchasing a handbook provides you with a 12-month membership to our Solutions Center, where Vision HR coordinators are only a phone call or email away.

Couldn't my medical practice use a standard fill-in-the-blank HR policy?

Off-the-shelf policies are intentionally vague and are not customized to your needs, which could put you at risk. Our integrated employee concern and discipline procedures were developed from years of litigation, a comprehensive review of other companies' policies and the knowledge from our founder, Michael Garth Moore. He knows how one civil rights charge or a single lawsuit can show you the limitations of a generic HR policy.

Is the lack of an employment relations policy a risk?

Absolutely. Our founder has handled hundreds of employee administrative complaints and suits, along with reading thousands of court opinions. Medical practices suffer from a very high proportion of employment-based lawsuits, primarily sexual harassment, retaliation and defamation claims. Even if the claims are proven to be false, one courtroom case can cost you $75,000 or more.


Don't take that risk – make a smart investment in your medical practice with a custom employee handbook.