Custom Employee Handbooks

We specialize in creating employment policies for your medical practice, and we compile these into customized employee handbooks for your office.

Your custom handbook includes step-by-step procedures to improve HR relations with your medical employees, and it minimizes the risk of legal issues with former employees or unsuccessful applicants.

You can use a generic fill-in-the-blank document to cover your HR concerns, but our customized HR policies have been legitimately tested in the real world:

  • Our policies and the information in our custom employee handbooks have been developed from years of litigation in employment cases

  • At Vision HR, we want to protect your medical practice with policies that are specific to your firm, which will prevent lawsuits

  • And our personalized HR service is strengthened with immediate access to expert guidance through our members-only Solution Center

A robust HR reporting policy gives employees confidence that their grievances will be heard and documented. If there's a need for disciplinary action, our policies focus on positive behavior to correct and prevent future occurrences; if the behavior doesn't change and the employee is terminated, our policies and procedures will effectively prevent successful claims against you or your practice.

Our handbooks include step-by-step instructions on proper hiring, reviewing, discipline and termination of medical staff or office employees – it's everything you need to properly handle your HR needs!

When you order a personalized employee handbook from Vision HR Solutions, we will speak with your team leader or office manager to customize the material to your practice. Plus, you will receive these policies in a leather binder – as well as an electronic backup copy – and up to five employee handbooks.