Customized Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy

You want to avoid courtrooms and frivolous lawsuits, so Vision HR Solutions has created an extra layer of protection for your practice.

If you want to prevent legal disputes that can publicly damage the reputation of your medical or dental practice, then we highly recommend that you add a customized Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) policy to your HR handbook.

With our customized employee handbook, you are legally covered from many employment and labor issues. However, with changes in the law or unforeseen circumstances in the workplace, there can be a few areas where a current or former employee may still have grounds for a legal argument.

A customized ADR policy avoids the court system if there's a legal dispute and has several benefits for your practice:

  • Save time with a process that's faster than the court

  • Save money by avoiding legal fees, lost revenue or a damaged reputation from a public lawsuit

  • Arbitration is private, confidential and balanced

  • You can expect a reasonable judgment from a professional arbitrator versus the decision from an easily-swayed jury

Combining a customized employee handbook and an ADR policy for your practice is the best of both worlds because the handbook legally protects your medical practice and it can handle any legal disputes that may occur. If an HR issue results in a potential lawsuit, your medical practice can quickly and confidentially handle the matter in a fair, legitimate proceeding.

Adding a customized ADR policy to your handbook is an excellent investment – and even better when Vision HR Solutions can create your customized policy for just $400.

Remember to ask about the ADR policy when you contact us for a quote on your customized employee handbook.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy

$750.00 stand alone

$400.00 if purchased with the Custom Employee Handbook